Mona Singh

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Popularly known as the “Princess of Bhangra”, Mona Singh is one of the best Asian female vocalists to have emerged from the UK and enjoys one of the highest profiles of any Bhangra personality. The daughter of legendary Bhangra icon Channi Singh of the band Alaap, Mona has made her own mark and has shown the guys that a lady can also rock the Bhangra industry.

We were approached by Mona to set up her website with a very modern feel to it. We have strived to incorporate the essence of music in every page of the website. The visuals in the website would literally take you on a virtual tour of her musical journey.

We created a CMS based website including full page design layouts with larger images, so the images will be the main focus of the website. The layout of CMS is simple allowing the user to make changes, add new content with great ease. Social marketing fundamentals, SEO features and all standardised website design principles have been adhered to.