3 B’s Cafe, Cardiff

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3BS Cafe is a cafe and restaurant based in Cardiff that specialises in Mumbai street food. Bwyta Bwyd Bombai (3B’s) – which simply means Eating Bombay (Mumbai) food, thrives to bring the best of Mumbai Street food to Cardiff - authentic and delicious street snacks and mini meals brought to you for a taste experience of its kind.

We were approached by Sakshi Adkar the founder of the cafe to set up their website with a very Mumbai feel to it. We have strived to incorporate the essence of Mumbai in the website we have designed and developed. The visuals in the website would literally take you on a virtual tour through the streets of Mumbai.

We created a CMS based website including full page design layouts with larger images, so the images will be the main focus of the website. The layout of CMS is simple allowing the user to make changes, add new content with great ease. Social marketing fundamentals, SEO features and all standardised website design principles have been adhered to.